We’re Moving Into A Whole New Market Segment



Welcome to big brother data.com.

We are happy to see you visit our (soon to be open) website, as your online privacy, security, and other sensitive data, and related issues are becoming less and less secure!

We are sure that you have not been a stranger to any of the eye-opening reports that have been at the forefront of many of today’s media reports, as well as conversations across the desks, breakfast tables, and many other venues throughout the United States of America.

It’s not just interesting, it’s quite disturbing, when one actually ponders the very real fact that they may be tracked via GPS from their own personal electrical device, or a device which has been planted on their vehicle (whether or not its presence is legal or illegal).

Or one might consider the fact that their computer, cellular phone, or tablet/iPad’s WebCam is being accessed without your knowledge by a hacker or governmental entity.

These are just a few of the topics that have driven us to develop this website, which will allow both the technically savvy, and the technically challenged, to understand the latest news, technical advancements, legal issues, and much more when it comes to your privacy and the methods to take in which to protect yourself.